Choosing Holiday Resorts in South Africa

Holiday resorts in South Africa are more popular than ever. The good news is that while there are many wonderful holiday destinations in the country, luxury holidays to Africa really seem to be hitting the market at the moment. This is in no small part due to the current state of affairs regarding the Great Recession. The same economic turbulence that has affected many parts of Europe and the UK also has significant effects on the travel industry. Tour operators have begun to benefit from the increased interest in luxury holidays to Africa. They have begun to cater not only to holidaymakers who want to get away and have some fun, but also for those who want to invest in a little luxury while they are here.

Luxury resort visitors are particularly drawn to South Africa because of the great spots on offer. This country is home to some of the finest beaches on the planet. Many African resorts boast facilities such as world-class water sports, white sand beaches and top of the range accommodation. While the weather is beautiful all year round, it can get quite hot in winter, so the best time of the year to visit is from October to March.

One of the most popular activities in South Africa is dolphin watching. If you are staying at a resort on the coast you will have access to a dolphin watch programme during the day. It is recommended that you join a pod along with at least two other people and take a dive with them if you are a keen diver. Dolphin watching is a fascinating activity, especially if you are accompanied by others. For a truly personal experience, why not go snorkeling with a guide? There are so many different species to see and swimming with dolphins is truly a life experience.

Another popular activity is bird watching. Many tourists come to South Africa to observe the various species of birds. Many of these parks have onsite aviaries where you can feed birds from your hand or use binoculars. Some of the larger complexes will even provide a guided tour of their bird watching areas. If you are looking for a particular species, it is advisable to contact the resort management before your stay to ensure that you will be able to observe and feed them.

The quality of service provided by the resort guests is an important consideration when choosing holiday rentals in South Africa. You should assess the reputation of the staff and the overall quality of their accommodation, meals and services. The larger complexes will have a greater number of guestrooms and self-contained accommodation types. Most visitors are happy to pay more for a more spacious, comfortable and welcoming accommodation unit.

All holiday resorts in South Africa offer a wide range of activities and recreational opportunities. They cater for all budgets and provide top quality facilities and amenities. The larger complexes will have more activities available for children and families. Table 3 accommodation options provide children’s play areas, gymnasiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, horse and riding stables and other recreational opportunities. There are also many educational activities such as art schools, music lessons, golf courses and more.

It is expected that holiday makers from the UK will continue to increase the number of booking on the continent. It is predicted that there will be a continued rise in the number of visitors and the number of accommodation options. Over the coming years, the sector in South Africa is expected to grow at a strong rate. A report released by the Tourism Research Board of South Africa states that there is a lot of scope in the coming years for growth. It is predicted that the sector will continue to expand at a steady rate through to late 2020.

The fifth point on the five-point likert scale is accommodation options. This factor considers the number of amenities at each resort. In South Africa, visitors have a wide range of accommodation options from luxurious spa resorts to backpacker hostels. These options vary according to budget and popularity. Overall, it is reported that there is a very good selection of hostels, guest houses and other hotels available at affordable rates. There is a high demand for these types of accommodations.